Why We’re Here

March 2012

LindeHansen is dedicated to providing its clients and partners with a transparent investment process using prudent, fundamental investment methodologies designed to grow and preserve capital. We have established this partnership in an attempt to take advantage of the changes we have seen unfolding in the financial services industry. We believe that there is an opportunity to generate returns by pursuing methodologies more recently abandoned by many in the industry.

We believe the advent of powerful computing systems has facilitated the “industrialization” of the financial services industry. This enabling technology has spawned game-changing financial market behemoths that can leave investors struggling to answer what the “new era” of financial services means to them, forcing them to grapple with complex manufactured products sold as “investments”. It appears to have shifted the focus of market participants away from the traditional analysis of individual companies and securities.

These large financial service providers, intent on pursuing the mass market, appear to have directed their product development efforts toward creating products that are better at absorbing large asset inflows rather than meeting the investing needs of individuals, institutions and foundations. Aggregation, over-diversification and unnecessary complexity, in many cases have replaced traditional approaches to investing, leaving some who try to unscramble and understand their portfolio bewildered.

We believe, as not everyone wants to shop at Wal-Mart and some people like to know where their food comes from, that there is a place for those that would like to know what they’re investing in, why, and how much (and how) they are paying to participate in that endeavor.

It is in this spirit that we have started LindeHansen. Our money is invested here, using the discipline that brought us success over the last twenty years. We believe in investing directly in the securities of a company and that each position in a portfolio must stand on its own merits. And if like-minded investors choose to invest with us, we pledge to be open about how we invest, what we charge for our services, as well as the services we believe are necessary to carry out our fiduciary duty. Our money is invested alongside yours, our interests are aligned.

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